Actividades y excursiones en Barcelona

Activities to Practice Spanish in Barcelona

If you are looking to practice Spanish you can rest assured: at our school, aside from the world class language courses we offer, we organise a multitude of activities, ensuring you practice your Spanish while enjoying the city with your newly made friends.

We suggest different activities for your free time, which can be taken in addition to the trips we organise to places of interest near to the city, which take place on the weekends. Why not get to know the impressive Montserrat Monastery, visit Girona, or pay a visit to the costal tourist town Sitges? Also, be sure to enjoy Dali’s works of art at the Figueres Museum.

All of the activities are option, but we highly recommend taking part. You will truly get to know the culture of the region, and you can practice your Spanish with the locals as well as with your classmates. Excursions also help to build on the relationship between the teacher and the students, contributing to an optimal learning atmosphere in your classes, given that students will be accompanied by their teacher or one of our tour guides at all times.

Spanish in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a vast selection of leisure and free time activities, the options for having fun in this city are endless. You can go shopping in the city while meandering the streets, enjoying the wonderful architecture of Barcelona’s buildings, or you can visit the famous museums. If you prefer, you can go to some of Barcelona’s numerous concerts, and also to the theatre.

Another great way to practice your Spanish is to go to any of Barcelona’s many bars and restaurants. We also organise activities linked to gastronomy at our school. You have countless opportunities to enjoy typical regional dishes, or try the local tapas.

Be sure to check out the activities we have available at your time of travel and book to take advantage of our very competitive prices!

Now practicing Spanish with Barcelona PLUS is more fun than ever!